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why creativity?

     Creativity in a web site is a very important component.  It emphasizes innovation, creativity, and attention for design.  
     Boring or lifeless web sites are too common nowadays.  These web sites are usually abandoned within just a few seconds.  Boring web sites are also less likely to attract attention to their information.  This could mean less traffic, which equates into less profits and revenue.
     Web sites that illustrate creativity are usually more successful in increasing traffic and revenue.  They are usually dynamic and establish a professional design that is unmatched to the others. 
     Other factors are also important in a site, they would include: design, creativity, easy navigation, simple use, focus, consistency, efficiency, portability, maintenance, and feedback.
terms defined:

1. focus: planning a web site before it is put on the web.  Grouping information in a logical order and organize content so it is easy for the visitors to find out everything they want to know.

2. consistency: Making navigational through you site easy.  Eliminate confusing disoriented navigation.

3. efficiency: finding a happy medium between quick download time and creativity.  Our web sites are fast yet are dynamic and creative.

4. feedback: Let the visitors provide feedback on your site.  This will be very helpful in establishing a good customer relationship. 


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